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Today I…

Today we started off with thinking of ideas to further our knowledge on the magazines. This counts as secondary research. We deconstructed magazines and analysed them to further our understanding on the layout of magazines.

Magazine Cover 1

Magazine Cover 2

Magazine Cover 3


SMART Target 23rd September 2010.

My SMART target for today is to complete my research of 4 college magazines and fill in a questionnaire for each one. I will then update my blog with the results.

College Magazine Questionnaire.

College Magazine Questionnaire

Today I created a college magazine questionnaire (see hyperlink). I created this questionnaire to find out what the students at Harlow college would prefer my magazine to contain. This information will help me to create a better magazine to suit my target audience.

College Magazine; Mind Map.

These are my first ideas for my college magazine. I created this mind map to help me think of ideas for my college magazine. Also to help generate questions for my questionnaire.

Initial ideas for media coursework.

Today I made two mind maps in order to think about my future coursework for media. My first mind map was magazines, which I planned my ideas for if I decide to do the magazine coursework. The first thing to consider was the type of genre’s I could choose from to produce my magazine. The genres I thought of were news, animal, celebrity, music, mother and baby, wedding, slimming, TV, movies, fitness, sports, cars, beauty, cooking and gaming. Also I had to think about the target audiences; children, teens, men, women, parents, music lovers and athletes. I then considered my magazine layout, which includes; colour scheme, title, headings, articles and photos. For photos I would need to consider if I would use a portrait shot, model shot or live shot.

My second mind map was film, which I also had to consider which genre’s I could consider. The genres I concluded were; horror, romance, comedy, thriller, chick flicks, sci-fi, western and rom-com.