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Initial ideas for media coursework.

Today I made two mind maps in order to think about my future coursework for media. My first mind map was magazines, which I planned my ideas for if I decide to do the magazine coursework. The first thing to consider was the type of genre’s I could choose from to produce my magazine. The genres I thought of were news, animal, celebrity, music, mother and baby, wedding, slimming, TV, movies, fitness, sports, cars, beauty, cooking and gaming. Also I had to think about the target audiences; children, teens, men, women, parents, music lovers and athletes. I then considered my magazine layout, which includes; colour scheme, title, headings, articles and photos. For photos I would need to consider if I would use a portrait shot, model shot or live shot.

My second mind map was film, which I also had to consider which genre’s I could consider. The genres I concluded were; horror, romance, comedy, thriller, chick flicks, sci-fi, western and rom-com.