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SMART Targets – 18/11/10

Today my target is to demonstrate an understanding of magazine layout conventions and to keep an ongoing glossary of key terms and subject specific terminology applying these key terms during subject work. I am going to achieve this by creating a first draft of my magazine layout, using my research and practice to enable me in doing this. I am also going to keep a development diary whilst doing my work, to aid me in showing my steps in creating my first draft.

Development Diary of First Draft


SMART Targets – 11/11/10

Today I am going to demonstrate an understanding of specialist software and magazine layout conventions. I am going to achieve this by researching an existing magazine front cover layout and then creating my own one based on the layout of the example. I will also create a development diary to show my stages in creating this magazine front cover, so that it is clear what I achieved.

SMART Targets – 4th November 2010.

Today I am going to demonstrate an understanding of specialist software, such as Photoshop and magazine layout conventions. I will achieve this by creating a basic layout for my magazine front cover and contents page. In doing this I will gain a further understanding of how to create and set out a magazine layout.

Today I created a front cover layout for my magazine, using adobe photoshop. I achieved this by adding in coloured boxes or symbols to highlight to me where certain information needed to go, also I put text over the boxes to further indicate to me where all my information needed to go. Firstly, I chose to put my masthead at the top in the middle as I believe it is the main focus so that the reader would know the name of my magazine straight away as it would be easy catching and easy to depict. I then chose to put my slogan underneath as I believe it is still a vital part of the magazine however it would not be something as eye catching as the rest of the magazine as I don’t think it would really entice a reader to buy my magazine. Furthermore, I then added the main image in the center of my page and the biggest object, as I believe it is the focal point of my front cover and that would be the most visually appealing thing which would encourage the target reader to read my magazine. I then decided to add an insert in the top right corner in an eye catching symbol of a heart as this would draw the readers attention to it and they would probably be more inclined to buy the magazine if they know there is a free competition inside that they are interested in entering. Also, I decided to put the coverlines both sides all down the sides so that they are still slightly eye catching to the target reader and then it will give them further information about the context of my magazine, this would enable readers in buying it. Lastly I chose to include the barcode in the bottom right corner, so that it would not distract the attention from the rest of the front cover as it is not something that the reader will be interested in. However, in putting the price next to it I would make sure this information was easy to depict as this is something that the target reader may want to know before purchasing my magazine.

I then created the layout for my contents page also using adobe photoshop. I achieved this by adding in coloured boxes to indicate where I needed to add certain information, I also added text on top to add extra detail on which information needs to be placed where. I chose to have the contents directly in the center of the page, to ensure that it was easy to see for the reader and also so that it was the main focus of the contents page. I then chose to place my masthead in the top left corner as that is where the eye is naturally drawn to and would be one of the first things that the reader would see. Lastly I decided not to just add a few images around the contents page, but fill most the background of the contents page with images relating to my magazine, as I feel this would give the reader a further understanding at a quick glance of what my magazine is going to include. Also I believe that this would be more visually appealing to the reader and will look more professional. I then included footnotes at the bottom of each picture, indicating which article and page that the photo relates to.