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16/12/10 – Final Draft of Front Cover.

Todays target was to demonstrate an understanding of my analytical and evaluation skills, I achieved this by using my evaluation from my first and second draft to depict what content I wanted on my final draft of my front cover for my college magazine. I also showed how I done this by creating a development diary to show my step by step actions in creating my front cover.

Development Diary for Final Draft.


1st and 2nd Draft Evaluation.

After completing my first and second draft’s of the front cover for my magazine I decided that I liked aspects on both drafts more than others. Firstly, on my first draft I preferred the overall layout of the magazine as I felt it looked more professional and more visually appealing. I also preferred that there was a mixture of two different font types in the coverlines, as I thought this looked more interesting than just using one font type. Another advantage of my first draft, is that I preferred the colour scheme used as I thought it matches the rest of the layout well. However, I preferred the main image used on the second draft and used with my colour scheme from the first draft I believe it would look a lot better. I also preferred how the barcode and price were laid out on the second draft.

I then collected two peer evaluations to help further my understanding of what magazine layout people thought was better;

Peer evaluation 1: Overall I preferred the first draft more than the second, firstly the font used on the first draft I thought looked a lot more professional and the layout of the coverlines was better. Also I preferred the insert of a heart used on the first draft as I think it matched the masthead better than the insert used on the second draft. Lastly, I preferred the colour scheme of the pinks and reds over the browns and purples used on the second draft. However, I thought the image on the second draft would match the colour scheme better than the main image used on the first draft. I also preferred that the insert of a heart on the masthead was in a different colour on the second draft, this made it stand out more and look nicer. Lastly, I preferred the layout of the barcode and price on the second draft as it was easier to see.

Peer evaluation 2:

Today my task was to demonstrate an understanding of magazine layout conventions and demonstrate an ability to measure own progress during daily production work. I achieved this target by creating my first and second draft of my magazine front cover and showing how I created it by keeping a development diary throughout the process.

Second Draft Development Diary