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SMART TARGET – 06/01/2011

Today I have produced a mind map showing my intial ideas for my music magazine. I achieved this by creating a mind map, with subcategories generating ideas for; the layout, target audiences, colour schemes, genre, feautures and images.

 In creating this mind map I was then able to see clearly the different options available to me in creating my magazine, such as what genre I wanted it to be. Therefore I will now be able to narrow down my initial ideas and this will enable me to start in developing further my other ideas.

Out of all the genre’s the 3 that stood out to me the most were; Rap, Rock and Chart. They stood out to me most as I believe they covered most varities and taste of the music world and would appeal to the majority of people.

I also chose 3 ideas of what my images can be of, these will include; 1 artist, a band and instruments, as this will be what I believe the audience will want to see on the magazine the most and is the most visually interesting and eyecatching.

Out of all the target audiences I thought of, I am going to aim it for several. I have chosen to aim it at women and men as I believe a music magazine will appeal to both genders and would not want to segregate half the population from being able to read it. I also have chosen to target it towards the 16-25 year old age group as I believe they will be the age group most inclined to purchase a  music magazine.

For colour schemes I am deciding between using a black and white theme, bright colours or dull colours. This will depend on the genre I decide to choose and also the main image I chose to place on the front cover for expample, as it will have to match the colour scheme.

Lastly, for which feauture I am going to chose to use in my double page spread I have chosen between four; adverts, competions, interviews and news feauture. I chose these ideas as I believe this is what the target audience will most likely want to read about in the magazine and will be the most intersting.

In most of the categories I have decided to further produce ideas for three initial ideas to back up my ideas incase one is not right for a specific purpose and then I will easily be able to adapt it.